A white, sparkling smile with healthy, radiant teeth helps you to take command of your day. edel+white protects your smile day by day!
edel+white products keep their promises. With a young design, refreshing flavors, and colors they motivate to daily dental care. Produced by the Swiss dental care specialist Scanderra in Zurich, edel+white unites the knowledge and competence of the Swiss dental prophylaxis.
The hydroactive SONIC GENERATION cre­ates a pulsating flow of fluids that neutralises bacteria beyond the reach of the bristles. The refined DUAL CLEAN brush head with microfine KONEX HD® bristles channels the energy waves straight into little niches, but preserves the oral soft tissue and sensitive dental necks due the bristles’ brush like cut.
The toothbrush that has been nominated for international design prizes is a unique style icon. It combines the effective pressure-free- technology, innovative KONEX HD® bristles with deep-cleansing action and unprecedented comfortable handle-design. A must-have for health- and style-conscious people.
A major step towards longevity of ultrasoft toothbrushes. KONEX HD® bristles combine superior strength and stability with flexibility, producing amazingly smooth brushing. KONEX HD® bristles are about 8 times thinner than regular soft bristles and up to 5 times more durable than conventional tapered bristles. Due to their increased surface activity, KONEX HD® bristles reach out and clean further into niches than regular toothbrush bristles.
More than just a toothpaste. 7 Früchtli herbal toothpaste is a learning concept for early childhood development. With the help of the parents, children learn the rhythm of daily tooth brushing and place it in the context of other areas of knowledge such as fruits, colors and days of the week. The near-natural formulated protection formulation with 500 ppm fluoride, green tea extract and vitamin E strengthens the hold of the teeth and protects the enamel. 
Rely on the natural polishing action of the unique double-salt formula of SEL DE VIE. High-purity Swiss alpine salt boosts the brilliance of teeth while ensuring a healthy mouth. Extracts of Echinacea and sage, xylitol (high 5%) and calcium carbonate revitalise and re-mineralise your teeth. You will be delighted by the tangy flavour of fresh oranges.
The edel+white Medium Whitening Toothbrush cleans teeth effectively, without damaging the gums. The high-tech two-component bristles remove tooth discoloration up to +35% better than the standard bristles*. The innovative square bristles support the cleaning performance and improve the cleaning result additionally. 
Strengthen the foundation for healthy, beautiful teeth. The balancing formula of CARE FORTE with Vitamin E, α-Bisabolol, Calcium lactate and Aluminium lactate noticeably promotes healthier gums as it gently brightens teeth.
Suitable for daily use. Especially recommended for use with electric toothbrushes. Without SLS. RDA 60. Fluoride 1450ppm.
Foaming is an important part of the activity of a toothpaste. Because of the reduction of the surface tension toothpaste begins to foam in the mouth. edel+white toothpastes contain mild foamers and are gentle on gums. Aggressive foamers however irritate the gums. Due to the milder foamer, edel+white toothpastes also have a more compact foam without large bubbles. 
With the Waxed Dental Tape from edel+white the application of dental floss becomes a piece of cake– even for beginners! The new multi-filament fiber glides easily and gently into dental spaces and frays lightly for thorough cleaning results. The specially coated tape does not cut into gums or fingers. The ultra-fresh flavor and shining color motivates one to daily application.
Flexi Brush Stics are inspired by dental picks. But the thin extremely flexible material, and the ergonomically formed tip lead to better cleaning results. For all who have problems with the use of interdental brushes, or floss, or for situations during the day or en route. Flexi Brush Stics are a flexible and quick choice.
This uniquely designed, flexible toothbrush handle with pressure points relaxes the hand and thus reduces excessive pressure when brushing your teeth. Microfine KONEX HD® bristles clean thoroughly and gently teeth and gums to the smallest niche. Especially recommended for damaged by pressure teeth and gums and also inflamed gums.
Ready with one click to help you conquer the world with a brilliant smile. 100% cared-for teeth, even in-between. The TO GO with KONEX HD® combines reliable comfort on the go with the deep cleansing action of innovative bristle technology. Ideal for beautifying and caring for sensitive teeth and gums. Polish your teeth to maximize your impact. The TO GO WHITENING with embedded rubber balls make teeth shine with a fresh radiance.
The first toothbrush for children with micro-fine KONEX® bristles! Fully tapered KONEX® bristles clean children‘s tender teeth and gums efficiently yet gently. The fine bristles are stable and provide excellent durability. The colourful handle is safe against breaking, and ergonomic for both the child‘s fingers and for the parent‘s helping hand. 
Held under tension, Expanding SUPERFLOSS accesses dental spaces easily. It then dramatically expands and cleans spaces gently with a fresh mint taste.
Pain travelling all the way down to your core? Painful teeth are a reaction in one or more teeth triggered by hot, cold, sweet, or sour foods and drinks. The pain can even be triggered by simply breathing through the mouth in cold weather. Sensitive teeth is not exclusive to old age, often the young also experience. 
The edel+white Expanding Superfloss reduces plaque by up to 70% and is therefore superior for plaque removal, compared to normal dental floss. *edel+white dental floss is thin when inserting into the interspace and does not expands until during the cleaning.
Let the sunshine come in! The morning kick of freshness of this mouthwash is legendary. Natural grapefruit and lime extracts wipe away nightly bacterial toxins and not only spruce up protection, but your mood for another successful day! 
edel+white INTERDENTAL BRUSHES are more durable and safer to use due to their resistant core wire and innovative bending neck design. The wire’s hygienic solid coating protects against contamination, and makes it perfectly safe to use for implants, bridges, and braces.
The edel+white tongue cleaner clears the tooth surfaces from bacterial plaque. Thereby its soft and skin-friendly material guarantees a smooth and efficient cleaning. Due to the flexible design, irritations of sensitive tongue surfaces are excluded. Because sharp-edged devices should never be used as a tongue cleaner. 
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